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You Can’t Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm … and You Shouldn’t Try

“Facebook switched the game on who has the intelligence.” Near the end of this episode of Rising Tides, Kevin Prewett thinks he stumped me, because I don’t know if you can target specific Facebook groups. But that’s the wrong question. You may think you know a specific group is likely to be a warm market for your ads … but the Facebook algorithm might actually know better! The smart internet marketers of today don’t try to outsmart the Facebook algorithm, because it knows more about our warm customers than we can ever hope too.

We delve into the difference between the “Facebook algorithm” and the “Google algorithm.” Yes, they are both algorithms, but Google’s algorithm is more about SEO … which you can completely bypass with paid ads, which are much easier to scale.

We also talk about:

  • Why ads that promise “Cheat Codes to Facebook Advertising” are dishonest.
  • What “MVP” means to entrepreneurs, and why you need one.
  • Why I am obsessed with the number 23.

About the Show: Kevin Prewett is the host of the Rising Tides.

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