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Why Effort Doesn't Equal Success on Money on My Mind

“Move fast, break things.” Describing myself as an “unemployable entrepreneur” I share with Aditya Bhardwaj how I picked up a book my brother left lying around, and it changed my life. Soon I was standing up in high school business classes and correcting my teachers, quitting high school to run a successful importation business at the age of 15.

Today, I run a 7-figure digital marketing agency and teach entrepreneurs with no experience—from high school students to soccer moms—to do the same. I describe how “broke” and “wealthy” are temporary states of being, but “rich” and “poor” are mindsets that don’t necessarily relate to how much money you have in the bank.

We also touch on:

  • The exact headline I use to get clients to come to me.
  • What the opposite of “happiness” is (hint: it’s not “sadness”).
  • How marketing is like a faucet—if you want to grow, just turn it on.
  • Why you should get your product or service to market as fast as possible, even if it isn’t perfect.
  • How you can make six figures without being the best in your industry.
  • Why the digital marketing industry still has massive, untapped growth potential.

About the Show: Aditya Bhardwaj is the host of Money on My Mind.

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