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Tattoos in Thailand, and the Best Way to Fire a Bad Client (BRUTAL!)

“The best morning routine, the best diet, the best workout routine is the one you actually follow.” On a not-safe-for-work episode of Travel Punks, I talk to Paul Greenamyer about how important it is to choose a mentor - including authors and coaches - that you like, respect, and connect with. That way, you will be more motivated to follow their lead. There’s no shame in failing to connect with a mentor - even a popular one. Keep looking until someone clicks.

We get into some freewheeling stories, including tales of my travels in Asia. We also reminisce about my childhood in Pennsylvania, getting drunk in the back of limos. We weren’t rich - our family friends had a chauffeur company, with limos you could rent for weddings or the prom, and we abused the hell out of that hookup. Yeah, I got my drinking out of my system early … 

We also talk about … 

  • How the traditional system of higher education is failing students, and what to do about it.
  • How micro-niched coaching is gaining credibility, and how to find the right program to fast-track your career aspirations.
  • When to fire a bad client, and the reason I give them for the firing, which is simultaneously polite and scathing.
  • How I need to make more of an effort to seek out local hockey rinks when I travel.

About the Host: Paul Greenamyer is the host of the Travel Punks.

Full Transcript

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