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Should you REALLY Burn your Bridges? When Failure IS an Option

“If you have nothing to lose, burn every bridge.” On this episode of Entrepreneur Ethos, Jarie Bolander and I talk about the fine-line situation that comes with having a “Plan B.” People say “Failure is not an option” … but I failed way more than I succeeded on my road to prosperity. 

The bridge you need to burn is not the bridge to a “Plan B” ... but the bridge back to the unacceptable. To the dead-end job, the bad relationship, the “life half lived.” Burn that bridge, and keep beating at your craft until you succeed.

We also talk a lot about sports, as well as…

  • Our childhood sports coaches’ favorite lessons. Spoiler alert: my favorite coach-ism was “Get your butt out of your ass!”
  • How team sports prepare you to run a business.
  • The two game-changing lessons I took from Stoicism.
  • How you can actually be at a disadvantage if you come from a rich family.

About the Show: Jarie Bolander is the host of the The Entrepreneur Ethos.

Full Transcript

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