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How to Produce a Successful Business Model on The VoiceBox

“Stop hiding behind low prices.” In this episode of The VoiceBox Podcast, Chris and Simon flatter me by taking to heart some of my ideas about niching down, product/market fit, and charging what you’re worth, not what you think the market will bear.

Some people believe that it is greedy to charge a higher price, but that’s not true. It actually benefits everyone to offer a high-priced product or service that you can actually stand behind. Lots of people are unhappy with their unreliable $15k Chevy, but no one is unhappy with their $180k Mercedes-Benz … because it’s an amazing car. Chevy is hiding from consumer complaints behind a low price; Mercedes-Benz is standing beside a high price.

We also touch on:

  • Why I’m against the idea of being “self-made.”
  • Why I think it’s usually unnecessary to seek investors before starting a business—and what I would do instead.
  • How I would rather spend a few hundred bucks proving product/market fit than spend six months spinning my wheels for free.
  • How even a small information advantage gives you a big leg up. 

About the Show: Christopher Romance and Simon Weis are the host of The VoiceBox Podcast.

Full Transcript

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