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Advanced Strategies for Direct Response Advertising on Digital Brand Building

“It’s really hard to write bad copy. It doesn’t need to be the best ad copy ever.” Mark Feldman of Digital Brand Builder Podcast grills me on what the “best” digital ad copy looks like. I give it to him straight - there’s no such thing as perfect ad copy. I reveal my stupidly simple, yet highly utilitarian method of copywriting.

We talk about the intricacies of the Facebook ad algorithm. It may seem like it became harder to target Facebook ads now that Facebook removed much of the targeting UI … but the truth is actually deeper. Facebook understands more about its users than you could ever imagine. The algorithm really runs itself—you don’t even need to do your own targeting.

We also talk about:

  • The fact that I don’t personally use Facebook.
  • I have never used TikTok.
  • Boomer marketing vs. modern marketing.
  • Writing ads that don’t just attract the right people - they push away the wrong people.

About the Show: Mark Fidelman is the host of Digital Brand Building.

Full Transcript

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